I have just taken some metal out of two ga’u so that the images can be seen more easily. Here are some before and after photographs.
These ga’u are usually in a shrine room in the UK.



Any more animal horns to add silver to?

I have been asked by one of my friends to put silver on a ngakru which I want to do for her.

I now need to find out if anyone else has an animal horn they would like me to work on at the same time.

It is much more time efficient to create two or three at a time.

So do I wait until more turn up or do I go ahead? Decisions, decisions.

What I have been working on this week

I have been making a copper band for a gÇod (Chod) drum, drawing and cutting some copper skulls.

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Here is a photograph of one of the ngakru that I have put silver on so that they can be used in practice. This one belongs to Lama  Shé-zér. As you can imagine, this work takes quite a bit of time. Designing and fitting silver to natural material like animal horn requires care and attention.  Lamas Shé-zér and Namgyal were given the horns by Lama Bar-ché Dorje as presents to celebrate their marriage.

I think these mélongs are ready to be given their new owners

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These mélongs are for Ngakma Pema Rig’dzin Zangmo  and Ngakpa ’ö-Nyi Dorje.


I am working on some mélongs for two friends. They will be used as part of their buddhist practices.

People often think that the last jobs- engraving and polishing- are the end but this is when one slip of a graver or some poor concentration when polishing can almost ruin a good piece.

I still need to increase the doming as well as engraving two circles that go around each mélongs. I will also have to add 4 sets of three small circles on each. Quite a way to go.

When the metal work is complete then a cho-phen (reality flag or tail) is attached.

Khyungchen Aro Lingma

Khyungchen Aro Lingma

Fixing and making

I spend quite a bit of my spare time fixing and making equipment for people. I started with a small melong and have made silver butterlamps, fixed ga’us and put silver on ngakrus. I have also designed and made small items of jewellery which are connected to buddhist practice.